Saturday, September 9, 2017

Artist, Entrepreneur, Educator 

Community college business, marketing & entrepreneurship instructor. Marketing/advertising/pr guy. Entrepreneurship center director. Artist, photographer, painter, gallery owner.

Where we are right now is really only home for awhile. As an artist, I’ve been creating landscapes in the form of paintings and photographs for over 40 years. Each image captures a simple element of God’s masterpiece as seen through one man’s eye. I like to capture and share a perspective on where ever home is. Although we aren’t really meant for this world it is our home for awhile. Since we are only passing through, remember to always go forward.

At Muscatine Community College I'm involved with teaching entrepreneurship, management, marketing, advertising, human relations, professional speaking, supervision, human resource management, quality & leadership.

Jim Elias
Sunrise River Gallery
LimitlessRN Holistic Health